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Formal Uniform: Number Ones

Everyday School Uniform

Uniform can be purchased from the school office between 8am – 3pm (school hours). For new students or students wanting new uniform the Uniform Shop will be open before the school year starts in 2022.

High standards of personal presentation and correct wearing of uniform are important. We encourage all students and staff to take pride in their personal presentation; including having suitable haircuts and hairstyles.

We have designed our uniform to be smart and practical and have consulted widely with our Trustees, staff and the wider community. If you have any queries or would like advice about any aspect of our uniform and presentation policy, then please ask any member of the school staff – we will be pleased to help.

Uniform Guidelines & Price List

Shirt Lytton Polo, maroon, $35.00

Shorts Lytton Logo, black, $45.00

Trousers Plain Black dress pants , full length – must be loose fitting, NO JEANS, TRACK PANTS OR CANTERBURYS.

Skirt Black (knee length) with Lytton logo, $45.00

PE Shirt Lytton High School regulation PE shirt $30.00

Jacket/Jersey Lytton Regulation softshell jacket, $110.00 AND/OR Lytton Regulation maroon jersey, $110.00

Sandals Plain black NO JANDALS

Shoes Plain black shoes or soft ankle boots, (black laces if lace ups, white soles are acceptable) NO NIKE TICKS OR OTHER SPORTS BRANDS.


Thermals Plain black (if worn, must be under uniform)

Tights/Pantyhose Plain skin tones or black only (no visible footless tights)

Hat Plain black hat with full brim, LHS cap OR plain black beanie, Cap $15.00

Scarf Maroon or black

Jewellery & Hair One simple necklace / One simple bracelet / One simple finger ring / One simple ear stud per ear / One simple nose stud (NO rings or other nose piercings). No other visible body piercing, covered or uncovered. Students may be asked to remove any of these for health and safety reasons.

No extravagant or unusual hairstyles are allowed. (Hair colour must be one found naturally to humans, e.g. no blue hair.) Male students must be clean-shaven.

Years 13/14: These students have the privilege of alternative, non-uniform clothing provided that it is clean, tidy, in a good state of repair and suitable for the school environment. tops must not be skimpy or revealing and skirts or shorts must be mid-thigh or longer. Tights may only be worn under a mid-thigh or longer top. Offensive, drug or alcohol wording and/or images are not acceptable; neither is visible body piercings, covered or uncovered (apart from a simple nose stud). Students unwilling to conform to these guidelines will be required to wear uniform.

The school office will be closed from 4pm Friday 8th December – Monday 22nd January 2024.
Enrolments can be submitted online via the “ENROL” tab. All other enquiries may be directed to
Nga mihi