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National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA)

In Year 11, 12 and 13 students have the choice to work towards the completion of different NZQA’s National Certificates. Credits for National Certificates are gained by completing either Achievement standards and / or Unit Standards. There are four possible grades for the awarding of every achievement standard: Not Achieved, achieved, Merit and Excellence .

Unit Standards can be awarded with either: NA, A, M and E. (i.e not every Unit Standard is assessed for vocational focused skills and knowledge has Merit or Excellence criteria)

All Unit Standards and some Achievement Standards are internally assessed. Some Achievement Standards are assessed externally with examinations at the end of the year.

Credit Acquisition

Level 1 requirements: 80 credits including; 10 Literacy (English), 10 Numeracy (Mathematics)

Level 2 requirements: 80 credits including; 60 credits at Level 2, 20 credits from Level 1 or above

Level 3 requirements: 80 credits including; 60 credits at Level 3, 20 credits from Level 2 or above

If a student does not gain level 1 numeracy or literacy they will be required to complete a semester course where they will be given the opportunity to gain these standards.

Future Pathways Overview

Below shows a general overview of tertiary study requirement


Literacy 10 credits in Level 1

5 Credits in reading, 5 credits in writing

Completed 3 or 4 years at secondary schooling

Some courses require NCEA Level 1 or a number of Level 2 credits


Literacy 10 credits in Level 2 English

5 credits in reading, 5 credits in writing

Minimum of 48 credits at Level 2 (or higher) over four subjects

Generally no particular subject requirements


Literacy 10 Credits in Level 2 English

5 credits in reading, 5 credits in writing

Numeracy 10 Achievement credits in Mathematics

Common University Entrance standard is the minimum requirement

Common University Entrance

10 Level 1 Numeracy Achievement Standards credits

10 level 2 Literacy credit; 5 credits in reading, 5 credits in writing

14 credits in three subjects areas from the University approved list of subject areas

80 Level 3 credits *University of Auckland requires that students enrolling must have a minimum of 17 credits in English Level 2